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ChimaeraCon '09

ChimaeraCon '09
March 6-8, 2009
Crossroads Convention Center
4522 Fredericksburg Road, SA, TX

Convention hours:
Fri: 6pm - Midnight
Sat. 8 am - Midnight
Sunday 8am - 6pm

Hotel Rooms:
Hotel information coming soon.

Events include:
Board, card miniatures, roleplaying & LARPS. There will be Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh & World of Warcraft tournaments. MechForce will be returning with their Battletech Pods. There will be a dealers room, artists alley, costume contest and panels.

This years guests:
Guest information coming soon.
See you there!
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little smidge from my one time at Fanime

10:04 PM 8/7/07 · I've only been to Fanime once, I hope to go again someday for more than just a single day, and I was blown away on a lot of stuff. My only complain would be limited to the limitations; I'm used to a multiple genre type event and even though this had a lot of was all focused around anime.

I love anime, don't get me wrong, but too much of any good thing can get to be a bit much...

...with the possible exceptions of sex or chocolate.

The Dealer's Room was unbelievable; biggest one I've ever seen. You could fit most of the other conventions I've been to inside that one room. Hell, you could probably fit a stadium sized football field in there with room to spare!

While I was wandering through there I kept coming back to the t·shirt and bumper sticker displays. There were a lot of good ones but these are the ones that stuck with me:
  • Curiosity killed the cat but for awhile there I was a suspect.

  • My giant robot steps on your honor student.

  • Best glomps in the world.

  • Hug me...I kicked Sora's butt!

Don't have a car anymore but I could definitely go for these as t·shirts!
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Morphicon - May 18-20, 2007
Guests of Honor: Steve Plunkett, Kitt Foxx, and Summer Jackel
T-shirt Design by: Chris B. Critter
The convention was held at the Radisson Hotel (now the Columbus Holiday Inn) in Columbus, OH. Attendance was 245.

Before you go into my full report... I went to this con for a few reasons.. One, Alot of my friends are in that area and were going to go. Another reason is because of all the rumors about it being an adult convention with yiffy panels and yiffy tracks and sex in the halls and dirty things all around, making the furry fandom look x-rated and fetishy; it all intrigued me and now you know the rumors too, were they true, or just make believe fantasies? Or just too many room parties. Now you are ready to read Shy's entry!


Ok, I have to admit... Being the yiffy fur that I am.. hearing all the rumors about Morphicon being the adult furry con was part of the lure for me.. hehe I'm naughty, and the thought of going to an all naughty fur con sounded exciting! :)

So imagine my expression when I saw that Collapse )
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I will be merchanting at ICOn this year, and so .... as usual..... i wont see much of the convention.
my assistant has had to back out, so if anyone wants to work part time in exchange for their badge. feel free to contact me.  (no guarentees  i have a bunch of people i have asked)
Bar Scene

NY ComicCon 2007

Post is coming a little later than expected but... here's my recap for NY Comic Con, Saturday February 24th at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.

First off, I tried attending this con last year... if by tried you define as thinking I could buy a day pass at the event and then waking up and checking online to find that the day before was so freakin' packed that they wouldn't be selling day passes and even people that had picked up day passes might not be getting in. So for this year I picked up a day pass almost a month before it was to start and showed up at least a little over an hour before the doors were supposed to open up. I didn't get there early enough.

The line was... well check out the first couple picks to give you an impression that is not even close to what it looked like. It was blocks long when I got there, fifteen minutes later the line doubled in size - it just went on and on and on behind me. Thankfully it wasn't too long a wait to get in, maybe an hour from when it was officially to be opened. Some actors near the entrance to the Javits Center (who sounded and looked like they usually do Renaissance Fairs) were dressed in Jedi attire and were advertising a lightsaber demonstration for later).

This was my first comic convention, and it is definitely different from all other types I have attended. Just one huge room with craploads of booths of all kinds, it took me all of five minutes to get a bunch of sampler manga books - and luckily another booth gave out a really sturdy bad advertising Rogue Galaxy (that bag saved me cuz no way I was going to be able to hold all of the stuff I collected by the end of the day). Just wandered for maybe an hour or so around all the booths.

At one point early on I found the Wizards of the Coast section and spent over an hour watching demos of their games. Normally I wouldn't do that, especially since a lot of them seemed to involve basically the same gameplay but with different kinds of miniatures (Jedi vs Sith, Star Wars space battles, a weird monster checkerboard type game, and a couple D&D minitures games) but after a quick glance I noticed they sign off every time you watch or participate in a demo. You get at least two demo signatures on your card you get to toss this giant 20 sider and then pick from a bunch of free crap, you demo more than two then you get bonuses added to your score. So I demoed all the games they had available, my favorite was actually the only one not new to me - Magic the Gathering. It's been years since I last played but it sparked off the fun I used to have, I actually participated in a demo of that game rather than just watching - played against a kid who sounded like he would know what he was doing but really didn't (it was an interesting game, he didn't get enough land, I got too much - but yay I blasted him out of the water). Awesome demo guy at the game gave me a free two deck core box (unfortunately no random cards in that box but... could be getting me back into the game if I can find some more players).
Anyways, getting back to the free shit - I rolled the 20sider and got a +6 to my score, got a natural 15 (or 17?) so I got to pick from everything except the really top stuff (some big dragon models were part of that group but by time I got there only new Players Guide was available - but I didn't get a natural 20 so couldn't even consider it). I ended up getting a hardcover of a D&D setting called Eberron, if I still played D&D the cost of that book would've already paid for my ticket entrance to the convention :P

I didn't buy many comics during the convention (a few older issues of Thunderbolts and Suicide Squad) but I found an issue of Drunken Monkey I didn't own so I picked it up. And for doing so, the people at the table inducted me into some 'frat', I got the nickname 'Brother Hump' (because of the back of my Sub-level 03 t-shirt saying 'Humping Across The USA' on that back), and they took my picture... which they say they'd be posting online with a whole lot of other suckers customers.

After hours spent in the main dealer's room I began to get a little bored, so stepped out and checked out the artist's alley. Lot of interesting stuff, should've brought a sketchbook. A little further down that path led me to the gaming area, just tons of tables set up with scenary for miniatures dueling. Also in that room were celebrity guests. I really wanted to get an autograph at the Battlestar Galactica table but it was packed, then I looked at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer section, packed; I already knew going into this convention I would not even attempt Wes Craven, Steven King, or the other bigwigs. I ended up getting an autograph with Garey Coleman (told him how just last year I saw Todd Bridges at Chiller, "Yeah, a lot of people tell me that.").

Went back to Dealer's Room and spotted a long-ass line, ah it's for Mick Foley - alright I can get him to sign the Stonybrook Picture (I printed out a copy of that picture the day before in hopes of getting him to sign it). I found out that earlier (when I was demo'ing at WotC) he was handing out free copies of his book - sucks I missed that. Luckily I found that line when I did, they cut it off about five people behind me. Got up to Mick and showed him the pic, he looked a little dumbfounded at first but then I mentioned it was taken last year at Stonybrook. "Oh right, Mascot Day!" Then went on to say how his kid is terrified of mascots, and first time he brings kid to a game it happens to be Mascot Day :P

After that I was so completely drained and just about ready to head on out but I decided to take on more look around. I head to the Jhonen Vasquez table and see someone packing up some of his comics, find that he'll be in the gaming area doing autographs - so I decide I'll head out there too. I buy a copy of 'I Feel Sick' and (even though I already have a copy at home) a copy of the trade paperback "JOhnny the Homicidal Maniac" (it's his defining comic dontcha know). Get him to sign both and then I'm done and head outside. They had a bus for con-goers taking them back to the major transport areas (Port Authority, Penn Station, Grand Central) which I thankfully boarded.

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