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Animeland Wasabi: Denver - 2009

Last weekend, I went to Animeland Wasabi in Denver, Colorado. I was only there for a few hours on Sunday, so I'll keep my report brief.

For the short time I was there, it was a very nice con. The location was good (decent hotel, casual restaurants and a grocery store across the street.) The dealer's room was almost filled, with a variety of anime items being offered. The artist alley was rather eclectic, always good to see. There were few panels, but several large events (such as dances and concerts)  Apparently, the video game tournaments were being run by Colorado Cutthroat Connection.   I did peek in on the Rock Band "Battle of the Bands".   It appeared that having an outside of the convention group run the tournament helped it run smoother.  I'd like to see that at other conventions.

I was able wear my new rabbit costume for a short time.  It was well accepted.  Those who saw it squealed when the jaw moved.

This was technically the second year for this con.  This year it was run by a new management company, causing the name change from Anime Wasabi to ANIMELAND Wasabi.  It still looked and felt much the same as last year's con, though.  I have good feelings about this convention.  I hope to see it only grow over the years.

Oh, and here's a picture of me in suit at the con:


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