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Old Repost - Midwest FurFest 2003 - Convention Reports [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Old Repost - Midwest FurFest 2003 [Jun. 27th, 2006|11:05 am]
Convention Reports


Reposting my old convention reports, here's MFF 2003...

Well, first things' first. Any of you that saw me over the weekend may have noticed that I really couldn't talk very well. During the week I had been recovering from something, cold I think, and sometime around Thursday I started losing my voice. By Friday morning it was practically gone (and it remained that way for almost a full week afterwards).
Ok, so I left from Albany Airport - wow, that line to security was fucked up. It was long as hell, luckily it moved along fairly quickly - otherwise I would've missed my plane (next time I'm getting there more than hour before the flight leaves!).

So plane ride was delayed a bit in arrival then my ride to the hotel was late as well. So I figure I arrived maybe an hour later than expected. Oh yeah, it still amazes me that a limo was the cheapest way to get to the hotel. I mean, a friggin limo is cheaper than a taxi! First time in a limo too, sweet ride ;)

I get to the hotel, get out of the limo and what's the first thing that happens? hehe, I get pounced and practically hugged to death by lapistigra. It was such a sweet memory, before my memory even registers it's her I'm engulfed by this cute tiger's arms, thanks for that Tigra ;)
She and the rest of her group (white_wolf, rozberk, kamberlane, and a few others whose names escape me) were waiting to get some lunch at TGI Fridays. So I quickly got my hotel room and dropped off my stuff before rushing off for lunch. That was a lot of fun, oh and I can't remember this really classic line that our very kewl waittress said after we made a joke about one of the groups' accident with some bbq sauce. Damn, it was funny too...oh well. So that was basically the meal for the con, I usually don't eat so well at those things.

So we get back (oh yeah, don't underestimate the Chicago cold or goose poo around that area) and that's when I get to start seeing a lot of familiar faces. You really don't get the most out of a convention until you recognize faces. Hmm, I want to list them but I know I'm gonna forget some (so help me out if I missed any) and I'm gonna list them out of order cuz I saw [in no particular order, except for others previously listed]: aerofox, babsbunny, bluedeer, boixboi, cal_foxx, cajunfox, cubstatik, cyberwolf80, daveqat, dragoon3428, foxengriffox, girtygrin, giza, hartree, havocfox, hazardous_roo, iankeith, kinkyturtle, Magnus Diridian, orion_j, perro, rynden, shadowolf, snapcat, snow_kitty, sonicblu, friskshepherd, swift_fox, tekfox, tigerpaw, tjcoyote, tygercowboy, xydexx, zenwolph.

Ok, so friday is mostly hanging out and checking out dealer's room and artist's alley - the usual kewl stuff that takes up most of the con's time. Two other great things that took place this day: First time I've seen a performance by 2_gryphon, and he was opened by the very funny jakebe - both were hilarious! Then after that was the Furry Variety Show - with aeto announcing each act. hehe, I got this great pic of him when he was doing a great comeback to some annoying little kids questioning the quality of his blade.

Hmm, what else did I do that night?

Saw some pretty kewl panels this day: Fursuit Construction, Hobbies of the Furry Inclined, Character Development (curious to see how Niven got such a reaction out of Kage). Since I had paid a little extra I got to go to the Sponsor Luncheon. I picked a good table, a few furs I haven't met plus KT, umm forget his name but he was one of the GoH's: creator of Ozzy & Millie, plus if anyone is familiar with MST3k, the actress who played Pearl was there also. That was my second and probably last real meal for the weekend ;)

After the Sponsor Luncheon was the Fursuit Parade and I managed to get some pretty kewl pics.

At some point I saw Tyger and got not one, but two Slurp! buttons. hehe, they'll look real spiffy on my shirt ;)

Went to the dance for about an hour. I probably should've stuck around longer, those things usually take awhile to draw a crowd. Instead I went up to Foxen's room party, err Fox Raid. Started out a bit slow but gradually drew a crowd and it was also nice to see a bunch of familiar faces. Got a badge done by Havoc Fox, also bought a story from SonicBlu. It was very fun, I don't think I left the party until about 4am.

Got two more very kewl con-badges: one from grimal in his Deo comic style, another from another kewl artist (I'll add name in later). Got a nice sketch from White Wolf which I hope to help me with my fursuit commission I plan on placing later on.
Watched the DDR finals and Fursuit Character Design panel but missed the Shamanism panel I was hoping to get to (too much sugar and bad memory makes you forget what scheduling is). Got a free Rocket City FurMeet shirt.
Closing ceremonies, wow time flies. The current chairman unfortunately won't be doing it again but a new one is taking over. They asked for furs to help out with deconstructing everything, and I wanted a nifty 'gopher' sticker so I signed up for that. Wow: cold, rain, and carrying heavy stuff in and out of building is not fun ;P Then on inside, when a full half of volunteers turned invisible, helped with stage and lights and stuff. I stared at one furs badge, Whitewolf Darkpaw, for awhile and was like 'I know that name'. It took me a bit but when he mentioned he was on ezboard that jogged my memory - hehe, such a small world cuz although I haven't been on ezboard much recently I like meeting familiar names and faces. Some jokes about a bent screw can go in here too but I kinda forget the punchline. Ummm, so go all over the place with crap and fill up Con Suite (I should mention that Con Suite had the best food of the cons I've been to thus far, it was handled very well).
A little after nine I ducked out and finally used my swimming trunks. Joined Tigra and a bunch of others at the pool - lotta fun there ;) They kinda kicked us out around 11pm.

Much wandering and hanging out. There was one room set up for furs and stayed in there for awhile. One person, can't remember her name, had all kinds of un-released Invader Zim episodes on laptop. Watched a couple of those. Then around 2am or so I was gonna head back to my bed. But I met up with Foxen and Statik and we instead looked for some party for some alky-hol ;)
I think it was Dave Qat's room where the party was at, grabbed a beer from the tub and then headed into the room to see some, uh, interesting partying :P Saw Benjie and probably a couple other furs I know that I can't remember. Met with Dave in a very interesting greeting that probably comes with entering a party at the tail end. So everyone was heading out and I did as well - one beer was ok, I have a pretty low tolerance for alcohol at this point.

On my way back to my room I saw Stalking Cat (or is it just Cat? The guy from Animal Imitators). Tiger Paw had mentioned some really interesting talk from the Shamanism panel so I decided to ask him. Asked him about finding out one's totem animal. He mentioned one interesting method (btw, I've also come to realize that ones' totem animal is not always an exclusive thing and can change over time, but most people do have totems that play a large role but supported by variety of totems). So he said something about sitting in middle of circle with tobacco as offering on edges of circle. Burn the tobacco and basically call upon your totem animal. In a dream, not necessarily that night, your totem will appear to you - more offerings made usually help in it making an appearance. Its' something I'm gonna have to try sometime, I'm very curious about it cuz although I play the part of the lynx for the moment (and I've come to realize I do have some cat in me), I'm not stuck to that choice forever. And I wouldn't mind exploring this aspect a bit more.

Con is over for me at this point.

Got up, saw some snow on the ground, checked out. Ride back to airport was early and I didn't see anybody on my way out so I couldn't give any proper good-byes.

Nothing special about trip home. Parents picked me up, we went to CrossGates Mall for a little while then headed home. My lack of voice helped me get sympathy for calling in sick ;) Ugh, first day back at work (Tuesday) I stayed til almost midnight - but I would've rather joined the Thanksgiving Dinner with some other NYC furs.

I'm sure I missed a lot of details, such as a lot of kewl stuff I bought, how and where I met up with furs, pics I took, other events and conversations I participated in, how my badge pic came in very handy for helping people remember who I was, yadda yadda yadda my memory sucks and I need help in jogging it ;)

I had a fantastic time and I'm very happy to have seen a lot of familiar faces.