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“Um…’Blarg’” A @FenCon Report (*)

X-post to the_snowgoose, con_report , and Twitter re fencon 7

(*) =Running gag at FenCon from Last Years’ Radio Play

If you ventured to Dallas to fencon 7 , you would have had a great time with the virtual Spider Robinson, you would have not really noticed anything unusual - just great conversation and a couple of changes, you would have seen a hard working and calm ConCom with a great sense of E’Spirit de Corp, and you would have had an overall positive experience with the hotel (whose business was begged and appreciated).

That’s the short version!

Hopeful running gag for Next Year’s FenCon

Due to the GoH, Spider Robinson last minute issues barring his physical attendance, not to mention Jeanne‘s untimely passing, the ConCom worked to bring Spider ‘virtually’ via Skype into the main programming and into smaller quarters. They reconfigured networks, equipment, and panels to accommodate. And did it quite well. The meet the author and virtual autographing was fantastic, and quite ingenious. It gave Fen the opportunity to have an in-depth question posed and responded to while allowing both Spider and “Jeanne” to attend. The shot on his end also included Jeanne’s ashes which allowed us all to pay respects. The picture now is included in my fav omnibus of his work.

Hopeful running gag #2 for Next Year’s FenCon

Literally, apt for a Literary Convention, you will find two striking facts at fencon: 1) You will find the ConCom calmly working with an incredible sense of ownership and duty an E’Spirit de Corp. 2) You will find dozens of cloistered conversations all over the hotel.
This is the legacy of fencon. I chatted with authors like Robert Zaney, and Fen from Worlds away on deep and important issues and just interpersonally sharing. The ConCom seems to not only encourage but welcomes this. Something which is desperately needed in our electronic and frenzied lives.

Hopeful running gag #3 for Next Year’s FenCon

Granted, there is no such thing as a perfect hotel. But, overall, the Fen had positive responses to the hotel and, in kind, the hotel really wanted the Fen Business! That’s rare. A hotel that will allow the con to use their systems and respond quickly to their needs. Plus I did like the Free Shuttle to the local restaurants. Definitely want to stay there again.

In short, you must go!!!

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